Wolf & Lamm

    Wolf&Lamm are a Berlin based directing duo, composed of Joffrey Jans and Kai Kurve.

    Their work is fun and surprising, uniquely visual and certainly playful. 

    Recognizable from a single frame, their distinct style and incredible attention to detail is unparalleled.Wolf&Lamm’s work can be unconventional and eccentric - but it is also so thoughtful in visual details and pacing and art direction, that they simply make brand work interesting. 

    Joffrey studied at Parsons School of Design in NYC, where he co-founded his first animation studio,  After moving to Berlin he started working as a producer for MTV, and then as an Art Director for the award winning redesign of VIVA television.  Whilst working as a freelance Art Director, he began directing music videos for numerous leading German bands, which is how he met Kai Kurve. 

    Kai studied fine arts at HBK Braunschweig with a focus on film and video.  After that he started working as a freelance graphic designer, art director and director for the music industry.  As a director he shot countless underground music videos, many becoming fan favorites and viral sensations. 

    They recently won a Silver Award for Directing at the Ciclope Festival in Berlin for their charming short film for Strellson, Make Yourself Unstoppable. 

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