Arlidge's passion for filmmaking is evident in his work through his sophisticated and stunning visual style, and his talent for eliciting in depth performance from both real people and actors.

    Arlidge began his career working with Stanley Kubrick on Full Metal Jacket and George Miller on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, for both of which he filmed the aerial sequences; on Babe, the heartwarming and logistically complex animal film; and Hard Rain, with 5 months of filming in heavy rain using 60,000 gallon dump tanks for a fully submerged town.

    Arlidge's commercial work spans numerous genres, winning a 2012 AICP Award, Mobius Award, itva Award, ACS Gold, and Gold and Silver Caddy Awards. 

    His counterterrorism work with the LAPD has also won several awards including a certificate of appreciation from the City of Los Angeles. 

    His love of flying, as a highly experienced helicopter pilot with thousands of hours, provides him unusual perspectives for scouting and filming. 

    In 2012 Arlidge created a reality TV series for A&E called Cajun Justice, for which he created a unique visual style, and is Executive Producer and DP.

    He continues to seek out great creative and enjoys the essential collaboration between director and agency in support of the client and brand.

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