Dan was born and raised in the wilds of Norfolk, England, where he received a classic English education. By the age of eighteen, however, he had tired of the cricket and daily beatings and decided to go off and see the world.

    He ended up living in Brazil, where he spent a happy year teaching English and staying with a Brazilian family in Londrina, Parana. Returning to England, Dan studied languages and literature at Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, graduating with a Masters Degree in German and Italian.

    His first short film was called “Suspended”. It was financed half by a student loan and half by advertising legend Paul Arden and won first prize at the Stella Artois film awards in 2000. Not long afterwards Dan was directing his first TV commercial, for Saatchi and Saatchi.

    Dan has built upon his experience since then, directing over 100 commercials for clients as diverse as McLaren, Ford, Mercedes. Jeep, CNN, VW, Nikon, Adidas, Toyota, Playstation, the BBC, Nike, M&S, Heineken, Reebok, Expedia, Unicef and Virgin, to name but a few. He recently completed a commission on behalf of the British Government and Teresa May to promote investment in the UK.

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